Choosing What Fencing To Install Ask The Experts

Fence styles

Whether it’s for privacy or security or both, a quality fence – properly installed – adds curb appeal and value to a home. For example, a well-designed aluminum fence has been shown to return about 65% of the money invested in it.

Fencing is big business in the United States, producing about $51 billion in revenue for the nearly 100,000 businesses that offer fencing products and services. And, it provides employment for over 270,000 people.

Privacy fences are the most common type, with 80 to 90% of all installation permits granted. Other popular choices include chain link fences, vinyl fences, picket fences, and wrought iron fences.

Fencing serves a variety of both practical and aesthetic purposes, whether it’s to keep pets contained, make a visual statement, protect property or simply separate an area of land for specific use. Fences can be fixed or portable…permanent or rented for temporary use…unadorned or decorative. Local fence companies are the experts when it comes to knowing what materials hold up best in weather conditions to which they’ll be subjected.

Although many homeowners opt to do the work themselves, others who want a quality fence recognize the advantages of employing fence installation companies whose experience yields far better results. The initial cost may be higher, but that expense is offset by the huge savings in time and labor and by the fact that quality fence installed by professionals simply looks better and maintains its appearance for a longer period of time.

When you’re considering adding a fence to your property, there’s much more than price to think about. With the wide choice of fencing available, it’s wise to consult with several installers and get their recommendations. Working within your budget, they can present attractive, quality fence options you may not have considered.

Making an informed fencing decision now will pay you dividends in the future.

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