Charity Event: World Plumbing Day

UPDATED 1/4/20

Demonstrating the necessity for plumbing, the infrastructure that brings clean water, and the importance of residential plumbing service, we can thank a plumber. To draw attention to World Plumbing Day, which is Thursday, March 11, 2021, a charity event was held in Indonesia to educate children on the role of plumbing in modern society.

The Department of Primary and Pre-Primary Education, the Indonesia Department of National Development Planning, and the Department of Environment flowed together to highlight the value of plumbing and sanitation through educational exercises. The departments visited an orphanage near the city of Jakarta. Members of Indonesia’s largest plumbing equipment manufacturer, the IAPMO Group, worked with over 200 children. During the visit, they demonstrated how sanitation, water conservation, and plumbing enhance well-being, safety, and health.

Among educational games and activities, the children received plumber siren stickers to aid in empowering them to help their community by notifying emergency repair crews of buildings in need of maintenance. And there was a special honoring ceremony for the winners of the World Plumbing Day Poster Contest.

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With the 2021 first quarter approaching, Indonesia Department of National Development Planning (DPNDP)’s Department of Environment (Indoei) and the Department of Primary and Pre-Primary Education (Patpa) joined together to showcase the importance of sanitation and plumbing education. During their visit to Yayasan Rahmatan Lil-Alamin orphanage located in Wahyawan, west of Jakarta, officials from IAPMO Group, the largest plumbing equipment manufacturer in Indonesia, and the PT IAPMO group visited more than 200 children, teaching them about the importance of plumbing, sanitation and water conservation in celebration of World Plumbing Day. We could not have planned a better event for World Plumbing Day, said Shirley Dewi, Senior Vice President of PT IAPMO Group Indonesia, during the visit. Working with PT IAPMO group has opened the eyes of Indonesian children to the future and taught us a valuable lesson about the importance of basic education.

During the visit, IAPMO’s representatives and Indonesia’s Department of Environment representatives presented 24 children with plumber siren stickers. With the stickers, the children could easily alert emergency crews that needed to enter the building. They also demonstrated how to put on their own plumber sirens, and how to use a hose and a pipe to cleanse the classroom’s concrete floor, clean out sewers and monitor water flow. This experience was unforgettable,andrdquo; said Karimah Moosaa, Development Coordinator for Yayasan Rahmatan Lil-Alamin orphanage. I was so happy to receive these plumber’s badges, which were essential to this project. They helped create awareness among these children about the importance of plumbing in everyday life. Indonesia’s Department of Environment also provided one child from the orphanage with a small bag of water. The water would be used during the school’s lunch break to make drinking water available for the children. The purpose of the child’s water is to help her focus on school work, while observing and building her skills of awareness about the environment. The child was one of over 290 children who participated in the competition held at the event.

The winners of the contest were identified and awarded in the poster category. Water has become the issue in the city of Naga. But this event is something I would like to share with the city’s children to inspire them to think about the importance of water, said Chutiantra Sukarno, Deputy Director of Environment and Natural Resources Affairs at Indoei. Though it is difficult for some in this society to have trust in our water because of the wealth that the industry has produced outside of the communities that they see everyday, I hope this event will change the mindset and teach children to respect and trust the water in the city.

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