Benefits of Retaining Walls

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Landscaping and hardscaping often increases the value of a home by making the outdoor view more appealing. Landscape design often includes naturally occurring elements, such as flowers, frees, and shrubs, and man-made structures- such as pools, fire pits, and retaining walls.

A landscaping company may decide that a retaining wall is needed for your home, farm, or business in order to restrain soil from eroding on steep slopes. Concrete retaining walls are often the most popular when the landscape needs to be shaped drastically or molded severely to fit a certain function, for example, a highway overpass. Basement walls are also a form of retaining wall because they support the lateral pressure of the soil and thus help keep a desirable slope.

Why you need it
Proper landscaping can decrease sounds pollution and other unwanted noise, block unwanted views, and add privacy. Retaining walls are the best option for solving these issues. The materials mostly used are brick, stone, and concrete- all of which offer a different stylistic appearance and different grades of support when it comes to keeping soil in place.

Concrete retaining walls are the most sturdy and can easily be textured to create a desired appearance. A retaining wall design can be tiered or freestanding, but form must fit function. Landscape services will make sure that the retaining wall is properly placed to prevent soil runoff while also blending the inorganic look of the wall with it’s organic surroundings by placing trees and other shrubs around it.

The benefits

Some benefits of a retaining wall, aside from impeding runoff, include preventing sink holes and flooding, eliminating unsightly dirt piles or hills, and preventing damage to the property- such as supporting or blocking a tree that has grown too close to the house. Of course, retaining walls- such as natural stone- can improve the appearance of any properly and offer a sophisticated yet practical look.

Research has proven that the addition of trees, shrubs, plants, walks, patios, and walls can increase the value of your property by 20%, so why not save your home from soil runoff while at the same time increasing it’s aesthetic appeal by adopting a landscape design with retaining walls? Find more on this here.

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