Apartments in Norfolk Virginia

Apartment rental in norfolk va

Norfolk Virginia is Virginias second largest city, second only to Virginia Beach. Located in a major metropolitan area, as well as near a harbor at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, downtown Norfolk VA apartments are a good option for living arrangements. Apartment rental in Norfolk VA allows you to live near the Norfolk Naval Base and the headquarters of the Norfolk Southern Railway.

If you do not want to live in the metropolitan area Downtown Norfolk VA apartments could still be for you. Downtown Norfolk also has some smaller historic neighborhoods. Looking into Ghent Norfolk va apartments, or apartments in other areas such as Willoughby Spit, Ocean View, and Fairmount Park.

The biggest parts of the Norfolk Virginia economy are its military significance and its cargo ports. It is home to the largest coal trans shipment point in the northern hemisphere, and Norfolk International Terminals, which is home to the worlds largest and fastest container cranes. With all of the booming industry in the area, Downtown norfolk va apartments offer housing in an area that can provide an abundance of job options and a large community.

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