A Look At Lighting Here In The US

Here in the United States and in truly so many other places all around the world, the lighting that we use matters tremendously. In fact, up to 11% of all energy use comes from the use of lighting in residential buildings alone. Even more impressive is the fact that more than 15% of all energy use (around 18%, to be more exact) comes from the use of lighting in various commercial buildings all throughout the country. This means that around 22% of all the energy used over the course of a year in this country will be used for the purposes of lighting and lighting alone, according to data that has been gathered by the Department of Energy.

Lighting has really and truly changed the ways in which we live, there is certainly no doubting this fact. It has made life easier, in that we can work for longer, even after the sun has set, and go about our daily tasks with ease. It has also made life safer. For instance, many a parking garage must be lit, as is mandated by law, for all hours of the day and night. In addition to this, street lamps have made driving at night safer than ever before, as have headlights (and high powered ones at that) for cars and all kinds of other motor vehicles.

But using this much energy for the purposes of lighting is certainly less than ideal. For one thing, it’s expensive. For another, it’s far from as environmentally friendly as we want to be. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the standard form of halogen lighting. Even just making the switch to LED lighting could, as has been hypothesized by the Department Energy here in the United States, cut our energy costs down by as much as 50%, a truly staggering amount by just about any standards.

And LED lighting, such as mogul based LED lighting, comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. For instance, mogul based LED high bay light fixtures can be ideal for a number of different places, such as larger scale parking lots. Mogul based LED warehouse lighting is also important, especially as the use of warehouses themselves become more sought after than ever before. And from mogul based LED canopy light fixtures to mogul based LED roadway lighting, we can see the potential for LED lighting, especially mogul based LED lighting, in so many aspects of our world. LED lights like mogul based LED lights can even be used in the typical residential home.

LED lights like mogul based LED lights are, after all, hugely effective indeed. For one thing, they have up to 85% of the light output of your standard halogen lighting systems, meaning that they can lighter larger areas – and more powerfully – with less actually physical light fixtures. In addition to this, they actually only need about 15% of the energy that is used to power a typical halogen light bulb, making them hugely efficient as well. Using LED lights such as mogul based LED light fixtures will cut down spending as well as help to protect and preserve our environment as much as is possible.

Induction lighting is another alternative to your standard halogen lighting, and one that has been found to be quite promising indeed – even as promising, say, as the use of mogul based LED lighting systems. In fact, lighting that is induction based has high power as well, sometimes up to 70 lumens a watt, something that halogen lighting systems could really only ever dream of. And the life cycle of the typical induction lighting system is most impressive of all. For while and LED lighting system can burn for up to 50,000 hours, which is still quite impressive in and of itself, induction lighting systems can last for up to 100,000 hours – and sometimes even more than that.

At the end of the day, there are alternatives to lighting that we should all be looking into. After all, it is something that will benefit our environment and likely save us all a good deal of money at the end of the day.

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