5 Tips for Easy Moving

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Moving is often credited with being one of life?s most stressful events but that does not mean Americans do not do it. Each year about one third of all people who rent their homes will move. Nearly 40 percent of Americans expect to move within the next five years. Hiring a moving company does reduce the stress associated with relocating but there are other things you can do to improve the experience. Moving company Spokane experts list the following tips for packing and moving.

Easy Moving Tips:

  1. Do not scrimp on supplies. You will need more than you think. Buying and using more tape to keep boxes together will save you time and money in the long run. For large, fluffy items (bedding, towels, sweaters), consider buying vacuum bags that will condense your bulky items to a more manageable size. You can keep these items safe from moisture and dust at the same tie as you make them easier to move. If you buy your boxes, say from the moving company Spokane, ask about their return policy. Often companies will pay something if you return your boxes.
  2. Plan your move carefully. Take some time to make lists of all the items in each box. You will save yourself time and stress if you keep detailed lists of what items are where. You do not want to spend days looking for your coffee pot or other essential items, and you will not have to if you plan accordingly. Also, consider a color scheme for your packing strategy. Pick a color for each room and place a post-it note or other mark on the boxes for that room. Consider packing rooms like the kitchen which is often packed with items, first.
  3. Put heavy items in smaller boxes. Remember, even if you hire movers, someone is going to have to carry your boxes to and from the old and new residence so you do not want any to end up too heavy to lift. If you use larger wardrobe boxes, for instance, do not load them up with books. Smaller, easier to handle boxes are much better for these items.
  4. Keep your valuables and important paperwork with you. If you can, keep items that you cannot replace with you when you move. While most companies are reputable and you can insure your property, having these items with you where you can keep an eye on them is always a good policy.
  5. Pack ahead. If you know you are moving, pack ahead to save time and energy as the move date draws closer. For example, your clothes that are not ?in season? can be put away.

Most people do not enjoy moving. Whether you are doing it with a professional movers or just relying on friends and family, you can make the experience better. Follow these the moving company Spokane tips and you will find the process easier. Doing a little work on your moving strategy will make a world of difference.

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