5 Signs You’re Dealing with Foundation Failure

It’s difficult for a business to operate without some type of commercial property. Unfortunately, owning this kind of building sometimes mean dealing with commercial property issues. One of the most common types of building problems occurs when foundation damage takes place. With that in mind, it’s important to understand when foundation failure is occurring. Here are five signs of foundation failure that you don’t want to ignore.

  1. Your Building is Beginning to Sink

    If you spend lots of time at work, it’s rather easy to tell when certain types of foundation damage occur. With that in mind, it’s wise to begin noticing if any parts of your commercial building are beginning to sink. After noticing that floors are sinking in certain spots, it’s time to contact a commercial foundation repair company.
  2. It’s Becoming Harder to Move Doors and Windows

    In order to move around inside of your building, you’ll need to use doors. You might also think about opening windows to let outside air into your building. If you’re dealing with foundation problems, you’ll often begin noticing that it’s harder to open or close the doors and windows in your building. This is often a major problem for building owners whose properties were built using pier and beam foundations. Pier and beam foundations are those which utilize joists that are spaced about 18 inches apart.
  3. Cracks Begin Appearing in Walls and Floors

    There are many things that can cause a building’s foundation to shift. After this happens, it’s often difficult for your building to move along with a shifting foundation. Therefore, this often causes cracks to appear within the floors and walls of a building. If you’re noticing new cracks occurring inside of your building, it’s wise to contact a commercial foundation repair service.
  4. Mysterious Plumbing Difficulties Start to Occur

    No property owner wants to deal with plumbing problems. However, this is often a reality for property owners whose buildings are on top of failing foundations. As soil begins to shift underneath a building, it can cause a wide range of plumbing problems to start happening. Therefore, it’s wise to schedule a foundation inspection after mysterious plumbing problems begin taking place.
  5. Excessive Crawlspace Moisture

    Not all types of foundation problems happen to commercial properties. With that in mind, many homes have crawlspaces. Unfortunately, these crawlspaces can become affected by excessive moisture. If this happens, it’s a likely sign that you’re dealing with foundation problems. Waiting too long to solve this problem could mean having to deal with further foundation damage.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand when foundation failure is beginning to take place. There are 60 different types of soil throughout the state of Texas. In addition, many properties built throughout this state rest upon a slab foundation. Considering that, this often means that property owners throughout Texas need to contact commercial foundation repair companies. These companies are able to find out what’s causing foundation failure to take place by implementing a soil analysis and other types of procedures. In turn, workers from one of these companies will begin taking steps to ensure that your foundation problems are taken care of.

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