5 Potential Gutter Problems That Results from Lack of Maintenance

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A gutter is one of the most important features of a building’s roofing system. It helps in draining rainwater from the roof and protecting the ground below. However, many people often overlook this feature until they cause substantial damages. The most common gutter problems are sagging, leaks and holes, improperly pitched gutters, clogged and pooling runoff. If they are not fixed, these issues could further lead to massive damage to your house.

Focus on keeping gutters clean to ensure that they are free from debris and other items that might cause water to clog. Also, to ensure that no serious problems are awaiting, conduct preventative inspection and maintenance at least twice a year, or more if there are trees close to your roof. Here are other potential gutter problems caused by lack of maintenance.

Strained Gutters
Several items can get stuck on your rain gutters including animal nests, plant materials, roof pieces and more. This debris exerts pressure on the gutter hangers and cause the gutter to sag and pull away from the house. They’ll eventually fall which can damage the rest of the roof or hurt anyone underneath them.

Holes and leaks
Although your stuffed gutter may not fall just yet, it can lead to a serious leaking problem inside your house. This happens when your gutter can no longer drain water from the roof and therefore it finds an alternative channel to drain it. Gutter leakages are common at the joints between sections, but they are also easy to fix using gutter sealants.

Damage on house foundation
The primary function of rain gutters is to properly drain water from the roof into a reservoir or channel it beyond the house foundation, where it’s absorbed effectively. But with a loose or clogged gutter, there will be downspouts draining too close to your house foundation, forming cracks and causing water to dump into the basement. Consider gutter replacement if your gutters are damaged beyond repair and ensure they are properly installed.

Damage on your landscape
Not only are the clogged rain gutters potentially dangerous to your house foundation, but also to your beautiful lawn. When water starts flowing from the downspouts, it may end up eroding the fertile soil around your garden or flower beds, destroying the plants. Other than that, gullies and furrows can also form in water flow areas.

Pest infestation
Stuffed gutters cause water to clog, and standing water offers a perfect environment for pests to breed. The presence of mosquitos and flies may not be irritating, but they are potentially dangerous to your health. The best way to solve this issue is not by killing the pests, but rather repairing your clogged gutters.

When considering gutter replacement, there are different types of rain gutters you can use such as steel, aluminium, wood, k-style, seamless style, fascia style and vinyl style. Any gutter can be good for your house; you only need to conduct regular maintenance to enhance their durability and ensure they offer long-lasting service.

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