5 most common DIY projects

Home improvement do it yourself

One of the best ways to save money when making changes in your home is to try do it yourself home improvement. There are countless projects that can be completed when doing renovations or household repair work. Here are 5 common do it yourself home improvement projects that may work for you and your budget!

Painting is the go to home improvement do it yourself project patrons flock to. Paint is relatively inexpensive and something that you and your family can do yourself with a certain amount of ease. A lighter color can change a drab room into a fab room. A darker color can make an airy room feel more cool and comfortable. The best thing about paint is that it can be changed with the mood. With a little bit of time and a little bit of paint this do it yourself home renovation is easy.

Hardware and cabinetry is another project that can make a room pop and appear more modern to you and visitors. Old cabinets and hardware may look shabby and home repairs do it yourself styles are always more budget friendly. So measure your cabinet dimensions place your orders and get to work. For cabinets that are still in good shape try a new coat of paint and some stylish hardware for even less money and the same new feelings.

Flooring is a do it yourself home repair job many people tend to be afraid of. Although it takes more time and concentration it is just as doable as painting a wall. You can change a cold tile floor to a welcoming cushioned carpet for a child friendly home. Or if you are planning to sell your home you may want to invest in hard wood flooring which is a big selling point and increases resale value. There is more intricacy in measuring area and more work involved in pulling up a carpet but it can make your home feel brand new.

Kitchen back splashes are the new hot item in the do it yourself home improvement market. With large or small tiles to choose from you can pick a muted tone or a bright eye catching color. The tiles can be arranged in straight even rows or in an abstract pattern. Creativity is the name of the game with this do it yourself home improvement project. This exciting new look may leave you feeling like you renovated your entire kitchen.

Landscaping the yard is just as important as any other project in the home. The yard is many times the first impression that people have of a home. With so many options everyone can create their ideal outdoor space. Depending on time and budget you can decide to plan a garden of wildflowers with some framing shrubs or spend more to create a stone pathway or add a backyard patio.

Whether you choose to do 5 do it yourself home improvement projects or 1 you can modernize and energize your home. You may be doing house repair and renovation on your first home or fixing up a house to sell but either way these do it yourself home improvement projects may save you boat loads of time and money. And that is a tip you can take to the bank!

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