4 Smart Reasons to Renovate with Vinyl Flooring

Many homeowners are getting ready to renovate their homes. In fact, statistics from a 2017 Houzz survey found that 71% of homeowners renovating their kitchens plan on upgrading the flooring in this room. While choosing flooring materials, there’s no doubt that you have many options. However, you might want to consider vinyl flooring. It’s understandable to wonder why vinyl flooring has continued to have such appeal for homeowners. Considering that, here are four reasons why vinyl is a great flooring choice in your home.

  1. Durable Flooring Material

    While vinyl flooring was invented 80 years ago, it still remains one of the most resilient flooring materials on the market. It’s perfectly understandable to want durable flooring in your home. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to consider vinyl flooring. This type of flooring material is able to hold up well under the weight of however many people are in your home.
  2. Low Overall Cost

    Statistics show that hardwood covers 34% of floors in the homes of recent Houzz survey participants. That being said, hardwood floors might not be in your current renovation budget. Luckily, there are many types of vinyl flooring that can easily replicate the appearance of wood floors. You’ll find a wide range of vinyl flooring samples that are made to look identical to many types of hardwood.
  3. Fast Installation Time

    Another concern of many homeowners is wanting to have renovations completed in a fast and efficient manner. No homeowners want to deal with renovations that take weeks to complete. Considering that, you’ll find that vinyl flooring is able to be installed easily and quickly. Whether you’re having the flooring installed on your own or by a company, vinyl floors don’t take a long time to install.
  4. Wide Range of Design Options

    You might be looking for a flooring option that gives you a lot of choices. After all, there are many types of carpet and hardwood flooring available. Fortunately, you’ll find that vinyl floors have an immense variety of color and styles to choose from. Vinyl flooring can be made to replicate almost any popular floor appearance. Considering the versatility of this material, it’s likely that vinyl will allow you to choose from the most possible design options available.

In closing, it’s understandable to want a better quality flooring material than what you currently have. If you’re planning on renovating your floors, it’s wise to consider vinyl flooring. This material is known for its durability and fast installation time. If you’re looking for floor material that provides you with many design options, consider choosing vinyl flooring.

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