4 Custom Solutions That Can Help Organize Your Home Office

Bar cabinetry

When you think of custom cabinetry, your first thoughts probably turn to either custom wood kitchen cabinets or custom bathroom vanities. But custom built solutions can actually help you to organize another daunting room — your home office. Here’s how:

  1. Custom Built Bookshelves

    The simple fact is that many business-oriented books or textbooks don’t fit onto the standard-sized shelves that are more suited for paperbacks. Custom built bookshelves can allow you to organize all your books side-by-side, as they should be, instead of creating vertical stacks to accommodate oversized texts — and making it nearly impossible to get one book out without displacing dozens of others. Investing in custom built bookshelves will also ensure that you can use the space as efficiently as possible without worrying about cheap particleboard shelves bowing or breaking under the weight of books and other heavy items.

  2. Tall Cupboards and Bins

    Closed cupboards and appropriately sized bins are perfect for keeping some messes out of sight. Make sure to include some tall cupboards, especially, that can handle things such as building plans, as well as some for small office appliances such as shredders and printers.

  3. Limited Built-In File Storage

    Deep file drawers can be built in not only to desks, but also custom wood cabinets placed along the walls of a room. This eliminates the need for ugly metal file cabinets while meeting the same functional concerns. If you’re really interested in cutting down on office clutter, however, you might consider limiting yourself by not building in too much file storage. It’s best to get in the habit of scanning and storing electronically, rather than just filling up your drawers with paperwork.

  4. Discreet Cord Coverage

    No office is complete without its electronics, but that doesn’t mean cords need to be hanging out in the open. Custom made cabinets can be made such that the aforementioned shredders and printers can be plugged in through the back of the cabinetry, preserving an old-world feel even in an office with all the modern bells and whistles.

How else can custom organization systems apply to home offices? Share your ideas for reducing clutter in the comments.

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