3 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

Looking to invest in some home renovations that will increase the value of your property? Consider the following options. With a bit of research and some hard work, you can have your home upgraded in no time, ensuring you get more offers at a higher price range, should you choose to put it on the market. There are lots of options out there from adding a fireplace to fence installation to adding some crown molding and more. A little work can go a long ways!

Improve Curb Appeal

How your home looks from the outside says a lot about its overall value. Improve your landscaping by planting a garden, applying some paint, having a fire pit built, investing in fence installation, or adding a pergola. A quick online search will lead to lots of potential ideas for improving your home’s exterior, so do some browsing and find the ideas that stand out to you.

Just remember to keep upkeep in mind when making new investments. An outdoor fireplace, for instance, needs to be regularly inspected, and a new fence will need to be surveyed once every three to five years to ensure it’s placement is still legal. Make sure you have the time and money to invest in whatever new addition you decide on.

Install New Flooring

Attractive-looking floors make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. When looking for a new house, many are relieved to find that they won’t have to worry about updating an outdated flooring style. If you are looking to install new floors in your home, consider that over half of homeowners prefer hardwood flooring over carpet. Tile is another popular option that many seem to enjoy, and it is advised to stay away from laminate flooring, as well as vinyl, linoleum, or cork. Only around 10% of homeowners prefer these types of flooring.

Add Square Footage

Making your home bigger is an obvious way to increase value and make it more attractive. Add a room, finish your basement, or you might consider adding a deck or outdoor patio. More space means more room for entertaining, and it encourages a more comfortable atmosphere, as well.

When it comes to new additions, there are not too many ways you can go wrong. Just make sure you speak with a team of professionals that are up-to-date on local codes and regulations. This is a big job and it needs to be done right or else you’ll just be creating more work for the next owner.

Whether it is a bigger job like fence installation or something smaller like painting a few rooms, there’s no time to lose when it comes to improving the look and feel of your home. Get started today.

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