3 Reasons Annual Drain Cleaning Should be a Priority

Toothpaste, hair, and soap scum prevent efficient flow of water, causing clogged drainage systems. Regular drain cleaning is essential for bathrooms, toilets, and sinks both in commercial and residential buildings. Bathroom tub drain cleaner helps save the plumber’s fee if manual methods fail. There are three types of drain cleaning liquid depending on the drain location, type of pipes, and clogs.

A clogged bathtub could be caused by a small blockage or a significant obstruction in the sewer line. Bathtub drain clog remover and bathtub drain clog remover help unclog the bathroom. Solutions for minor blockages are boiling water, baking soda with vinegar, using a plunger, and chemical draining products. If your shower repeatedly clogs despite efforts to repair it, this could be a sign of a severe blockage in the main sewer line that needs the attention of a plumber.

Blocked bathroom sink drains are very common in households. Many people rely on chemical solutions, but other environmentally friendly and non-corrosive methods are used as bathroom sink clog remover. The best and safest drain cleaner uses natural products that do not pose health threats when inhaled or contacting the skin. It is vital to observe safety measures when dealing with clog removers and cleaners, especially when unclogging is done in the absence of an expert.

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Professional plumbing services are in constant demand. Bathrooms, kitchens, industrial drains, and sewer systems are just a few of the areas they see regular work in. Although they are usually called in for repairs, professional drain cleaning services are often necessary for both residential and commercial plumbing. Here are three reasons you might be in need of drain cleaning services today.

Sewer line repair

1.) Old Pipes: Generally, if you’re sewer system is 40 years or older, there’s a good chance it needs replacing. If it’s not quite that old, regular maintenance is important to prevent a premature death. Many times drains become clogged due to factors farther along the piping. For example, the roots from trees can infiltrate nearby plumbing and cause damage and clogs. Clay pipes, which were prevalent until the 1980s, are especially easy targets. As is the case with most things, if the pipes and drains are older, they’re going to require closer attention. Might be worth it to have them replaced early on.

2.) Sanitation: Probably the most basic and popular reason to find such services is to keep your plumbing clean. Unsanitary piping and drains can lead to a variety of health concerns that can lead to serious conditions. These areas are natural breeding grounds for bacteria and can create problems if not properly maintained. Make sure you stay on top of it and don’t wait until you get sick to find quality drain cleaning.

3.) Efficiency: Clogged pipes and drains are inefficient. It doesn’t take a plumber to figure that out, but it will probably require one to get them working again. Same as keeping them clean, it’s important to keep them running properly to save you time and money. Approximately 47% of the 36,000 residential and commercial sewer overflows that occur annually in the U.S. are a direct result of fat and oil buildups. Keeping drains cleaned and free flowing is a great way to avoid more serious problems down the line.

Plumbing repair can be a costly, timely, and inconvenient reality so it’s important to stay up on drain cleaning and maintenance as this will lower your chances of a more serious problem.


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