3 Important Window Features to Consider for Homes

Residential steel windows and doors

If you’ve ever played the Sims, you’ll know that windows are extremely important to an individual on multiple levels. Firstly, they allow important light and air to infiltrate the home, psychologically easing residents and making the spaces of the home seem more open, airier, and lighter. In addition to these attributes, windows can also help to conserve energy, and keep you safe.
Check out the three ways that windows are important to homes and why you should invest in these beneficial window types:

Energy Saving
Did you know that having the right windows in your home can help you to conserve energy, keeping your house at a preferred temperature and help you to effectively save money on your utility bills? Hot rolled steel windows that are manufactured with low-e costings are able to prevent energy loss by 30% to 50%, as compared to typical windows. They can also help you save up to $465 a year per pane.

Home fires are unfortunately rather common, with about one home structure fire reported every 85 seconds in 2013. If this so happens to your home and family, you want to ensure that your windows enable you and your family and loved ones to escape and exist the building safely. For this reason, it is wise to invest in fire rated windows. Fire rated windows help to keep your family safe and give you the peace of mind that all will be well in case of accident.

Burglary Safe
Did you know that a home intrusion transpires every 13 seconds? And of these intrusions, about 30%% of them happen through an unlocked window or door. Steel windows and doors, as well as metal windows are safe options for individuals looking to increase the security and overall quality of their home.

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