3 Electrical Problems You Can Figure Out on Your Own

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Although it’s always a good idea to hire a commercial electric contractor to figure out any electrical wiring repairs your house may need, there are some smaller, electrical problems you should be able to diagnose yourself. Here are just a few.

Overlamping. Overlamping happens when a light fixture has a bulb that’s got a higher wattage than the fixture’s been designed for, and it’s one of the more dangerous electrical problems. The bulb’s intense heat can actually scorch or melt the socket and the insulation, which increases the risk of arcing. In other words, it can cause electrical fires. The key to avoiding this issue is to stay within the wattage listed on the light fixture. If it’s not listed, use 60-watt bulbs,

Wind Causes the Lights to Flicker. If the wind is causing the lights to flicker, it’s because there’s frayed wiring in the outdoor fitting where overhead cables from the power lines enter the house. When the cables move from the wind, it shorts. This is also dangerous, since it can again cause an arc, which increases the risk of an electric fire being set. This problem you can diagnose yourself, but you need to have an electrician come fix it.

Too Few Outlets. If you’re relying on extension cords and power strips, you’ve got a problem. Though it’s not that dangerous if you’re using heavy-duty equipment, you should still avoid this. The best way to do this is to have a professional come in and add more outlets to your home.

These are just a few electrical problems you may be able to solve. If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of them, or if the problem is any bigger than these, you would be wise to get a quote from an electrician, and let them take care of the problem. Otherwise, you may make things worse, or even get hurt.

If you have any questions about these electrical problems, feel free to share in the comments.

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