3 Commonly Utilized Types of Window Coverings

Even though most people know what windows are and what can be done with them, a lot of people don’t know exactly what window treatment is. A window treatment is a type of cover or modification for the window, which is often meant to make the window and the area around it more aesthetically appealing. Window treatments can make a big difference in the appearance of a room, which is why many people want to make sure that they choose the best window treatments possible.

If you do not know a lot about window treatments, you might have many questions. For example, you might wonder, what exactly are window treatments? What should I know about architectural window treatments? Are blinds window treatments? Are Graber blinds good quality? What should I know about at-home blinds and decor? It would be a good idea to talk to professionals who have a lot of experience with window treatments, as they may be able to answer these questions for you. It would also be a good idea for you to do some online research so that you can learn a few things about this topic on your own before talking to a professional.

As seasons change, it’s important to think about the status of your windows. In fact, statistics gathered from Spring 2016 found that nearly 31 million people throughout the United States reported living in a household that had either purchased drapes, blinds, or another type of window treatment within the past year. Considering that, it’s important to take time to consider when the last time you’ve changed your own window treatments. It’s understandable to wonder which types of window coverings will work best for your home. With that in mind, here are three types of window coverings to help keep you cool throughout the warmer months of the year.

    1. There are many types of shade to utilize within your home. For instance, items known as blackout shades are beneficial in order to help block light out of a room. You might find blackout shades typically utilized in homes where people work throughout the night. Being able to have these shades allows someone to adequate rest without sunlight creeping into the room. Another popular window coverings are known as cellular shades. One reason these coverings are immensely popular is due to the fact that these shades can increase the R value of a window from 3.5 to 7. This value represents how well a window is able to resist heat conduction. Therefore, a higher R value means a window is better at resisting heat than a model with a lower value.


    1. BlindsMany homeowners help to ensure that heat stays out of their home by implementing blinds. You’ll find that there are many design choices available while choosing to adorn your home with blinds. If you’re feeling overwhelmed regarding which blinds to choose, consider exploring current design trends. That being said, it’s hard to go wrong with the standard white colored blinds that you’ve likely seen before. Companies manufacturing blinds often have various sizes and shapes. This means that blinds are often easy to implement for both small and large window spaces throughout your home.


  1. CurtainsIn certain situations, you might be unable to find blinds or shades that appeal to you. Considering that, it’s wise to consider looking into purchasing curtains. You’ll find that curtains help prevent your home from losing heat while also serving as elegant decor. There are many types and colors of curtains to choose from. Considering that, many homeowners find that picking out the perfect set of matching curtains for a room is an extremely rewarding experience. If you have pets or small children within your home, it might be best to choose another type of window covering. Curtains can sometimes be accidentally pulled down by young ones or damaged by animals running throughout your home.

To summarize, there are several main types of window coverings to consider. It’s important to utilize these coverings in order to prevent thermal loss within your home. In fact, that Natural Resources Defense Council found that windows and door make up for nearly 33% of a home’s total thermal loss. Certain homeowners might prefer to utilize shades in order to keep their homes properly cooled. In addition, certain types of shades can be used to completely block all light from entering a room. Blinds are often utilized within a home in order to control the amount of light that enters the property while keeping heat out. For those who are looking for another type of window covering, it’s wise to check out curtains. You’ll find that curtains can help add immense beauty to any room within your home while ensuring it remains as cool as possible.


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