Obx tree care

It?s a dark and stormy night. You?re laying in bed, tucked safely under the covers. It?s incredibly dark outside, but you see a vague shape in the darkness, like a shadow within a shadow. It looks almost like a hand, but different. Twisted, gnarled. The wind picks up, howling like a spectre outside your home, and the shadowed hand gently touches your window. Barely anything more than a tap, but it?s still audible. Tap, tap, tap. You flip on the light and see?
A tree branch. A simple, harmless tree branch.
It?s time to call some landscapers.

Why have trees?

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any yard. If a piece of property has healthy and mature trees on it, the value increases by an average of 10 percent. Unfortunately, when left to their own devices, trees grow rather erratically. Shade is nice, but errant shade can prevent any planted flowers from growing. Tree limbs that extend across property boundaries can also cause tension in the neighborhood, and nobody wants that. Trees can also be — despite the intro — be great at reducing stress. Seeing places with trees can produce significant recovery from stress within as little as five minutes. Proper tree care and landscaping is an important part of being a home — and tree — owner.

Why care for trees?

As mentioned before, having healthy trees can increase a property?s value by 10%. However, having landscapers visit your yard and do some tree care can make it go up as much as 20%. The strategic placement and maintenance of trees around a home can reduce the need for air conditioning by as much as 30 percent, and it can even reduce energy used for heating by between 20 and 50 percent. If you were, today, to plant a tree on the west side of your home, in just five years you’d be saving 3% on your energy bills. Within 15 years, those savings have increased to 12%.
An overgrown or unhealthy tree can be a horror story. Luckily, landscapers are real-life heroes that can save us from these terrors and return trees to their natural, beautiful form. Tree service and tree trimming can reduce your costs and increase your home’s resale value tremendously.

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